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Monday, December 7, 2009

Topic of the Day

Are African-Americans reluctant to question or to hold Pres. Obama accountable for his lackluster approach to issues concerning the black community, because he's Black? What are your views and issues...

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  1. Absolutely!!! Most black folks are so caught up on the emotions of this being the first African-American president, that some take it as an offense to disagree with or to question this man's actions or the lack thereof. The black community is suffering enormous unemployment rates, as high as 10%. We suffer the most from preventable diseases in our community due to lack of affordable health care, or no health care at all. Having a black face in the White House doesn't mean black folks have overcame as a whole. The only thing about having a black face in the White House is that it took the "soapbox" away from those who are the voice for the poor and disenfranchised in the country. Black folks can't bitch about anything now, because your president is black!